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◆What is common language ? [No.906] - 最終更新日 : 2007/02/20(Tue) 18:27

No.1 投稿者:George - 2005/09/02(Fri) 15:50 

What language is the common language in these days? English ? Spanish ? or Chinese ?
 I like this billboard very much. But I feel sorry that almost all the people who write in this billboard use Japanese language.
In these days, I think many non-Japanese look in this billboard.
When they come to this board,if we are using English, they will join our conversation.
In these days, English is becoming common language. And Japanese language is just on a dialect(方言) in this global world.
"Let's use English more.If we use English constantly, many non-Japanese will come.And we can communicate far and wide
with each other."
 しかし、この程度でも海外とのメールのやり取りでは不自由しないのです。そして、あなたたち日本人の大半は、もっとしっかりした英語を書けるのです。でも、なぜか、話せない ? ? ?
No.2 投稿者:名無しの権兵衛 - 2005/09/02(Fri) 16:19 
No.3 投稿者:2 - 2005/09/02(Fri) 16:31 
No.4 投稿者:George - 2005/09/02(Fri) 16:33 
I'm a earthian . I hope to use English in these meeting room.
No.5 投稿者:George - 2005/09/02(Fri) 16:54 
I wonder why my English is Japanese style.But many non-Japanese people understood what I had written.
I think it is perfectly natural that there are many English in this world.British English is not only the good English.
Japanese English which is spoken by Japanese people is very good English.Korean English, Chinese English, Indonesian English or other English are very good English.
Don't you think ?
No.6 投稿者:名無しの権兵衛 - 2005/09/02(Fri) 17:24 
もうええから。Have a good day.
No.7 投稿者:名無しの権兵衛 - 2005/09/02(Fri) 17:34 
Speaking seriously, noboday's able to write this way above but for japanese natives. I'm rather hoping you will speak in ur country(language) way to prove urself or behave yourself. Let me know where you are from please.
No.8 投稿者:George - 2005/09/02(Fri) 21:14 
Dear No.7
I have a lot of thank to your response.I could learn how to write in English from your comment.Probably you are using English in your daily life.I use another language except English in my daily life.
But I hope to make English my first laguage in the cyberspace.Because in the internet, English is the international language.I'm a earthian born in Gifu prefecture.No.7, where are you from ?
I insist Japanese English is as good as British or American English.English is our earthian's language, don't you think ?
No.9 投稿者:名無しの権兵衛 - 2005/09/02(Fri) 22:12 
English just happened to be one of the mostly used language as a residuum of the British Empire and by the influence of an American hegemony, nothing less or more.

Are there any bright reason to privilage English as an "International Language" or that we NEED "international Language"?
English isnt made to be an international language and will never be.
The ones who want or need to Use English will learn by themselves, and at least in Japan,ones who cannot speak English will not suffer any major inconvinience beacuse they cannot speak English.

If you want to use English in this site, there's a places for you already.

Dont press your opinion to those who're satisfied with their life with own language.
Be aware of your arrogance and Use Japanese at where you're required to use Japanese.

No.10 投稿者:名無しの権兵衛 - 2005/09/02(Fri) 23:25 
>>8 俺の日常言語? 6も俺やけど、わからんか? 英語ちゃう。
No.11 投稿者:名無しの権兵衛 - 2005/09/02(Fri) 23:31 
earthian って何?
No.12 投稿者:George - 2005/09/03(Sat) 00:01 
Dear No.9
Thank you very much for your response to my comment.You are very good English writer I think.We can happily communicate each other both in English and in Japanese language.
I read undermentioned page.
and thoght that the contents of this page are the worst example of English lessons.
What do you think about those lessons ? No.9.
Please reply to me in Japanese or English.
In that page, they are emphasizing grammar too much.
When we write and speak English, grmmar is not so important.
If Japanese people emphasize grammar too much, they hesitate
to write and speak in English.Because their national character is cleanliness. They think seriously when they write and speak in English.
In this thread, I want to emphasize the importance of writing and speaking in English without taking any notice of English grmmar.Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, let's write in English more freely.
No.13 投稿者:George - 2005/09/03(Sat) 00:14 
By earthian,I hope to mean human beings (地球人、人類).
I want to ignore our nationalities and I want to wipe out
borderlines between countries.
No.14 投稿者:名無しの権兵衛 - 2005/09/06(Tue) 18:30 
No.15 投稿者:natural - 2005/11/08(Tue) 18:15 
No.16 投稿者:ホルヘ - 2005/11/09(Wed) 08:42 
No.17 投稿者:名無しの権兵衛 - 2005/12/23(Fri) 15:22 
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No.23 投稿者:アッサアライコム!! - 2006/10/20(Fri) 01:31 
No.24 投稿者:名無しの権兵衛 - 2006/10/20(Fri) 18:33 
ここは日本語のサイトです。 荒らしは利用者に迷惑をかける行為をする人の事です。分かりましたか? 
No.25 投稿者:名無しの権兵衛 - 2006/11/19(Sun) 17:00 
i am now seriously considering whether going back to japan or staying here to find a job. currently my BF found a job in here.
he tried so hard for getting a job and finally he did it. i am so pround of him and it makes me keen to find a job as well,
but the problem is, my parents miss me a lot.
we both know that if i started working, its gonna be so hard to get such a long holiday. means i cant go back for long time for sure.
im really missing them too. but i know the situation either.
my visa is limited visa which is going to be expired after 6monts. that means i need to find a job as soon as possible or else, i have no way to stay here.
obviously i just should staying here and finding a job.
but still...
and ofcourse money problem too.
well its so ridicurous..
i have to find a job.
haha so stupid..

No.26 投稿者:削除 - 2007/01/31(Wed) 23:04 
No.27 投稿者:名無しの権兵衛 - 2007/02/01(Thu) 00:30 

>haha so stupid..

Yes, you are.
No.28 投稿者:名無しの権兵衛 - 2007/02/06(Tue) 19:41 
No.29 投稿者:削除 - 2007/02/20(Tue) 18:25 
No.30 投稿者:名無しの権兵衛 - 2007/02/20(Tue) 18:27 

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